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 About our group !

SPEEDES Civil & Industrial Group:
  • Speedes Design & Construction: The executive company for Engineering, Procurement and Construction works.
  • Speedes heavy Steel Structures: The manufacturing company for designing, making and erection of heavy steel structures.
  • Speedes Barge Kish: The commercial company in Kish free zone for supplying foreign equipment of projects.

Speedes Design & Construction has successfully completed its contracts in the following projects:

  • Mahabad Petrochemical plant(Utility portion civil works & U/G system)
  • Jahrom Combined Cycle Power Plant (3 X 150 MW steam units)
  • Mahshahr Fajr 2 Gas & steam Power Plant ( 4 X 164 MW )
  • Rudeshur Power Plant ( 3 X 250 MW )
  • Shirvan Power Plant ( 6 X 164 MW )
  • Abadan Power Plant ( 4 X 124 MW )
  • Chabahar Navy Base Civil works
  • Yazd Power Plant ( 2 X 124 MW)
  • Mirdamad Metro Station, Tehran
  • Iran Khodro Press Complex ( IPCO )
  • Shahid Abbaspour Dam power plant bus ducts and steel structures.
  • Masjed Soleiman Dam power plant bus ducts and steel structures.
  • Sahand Power Plant ( Residential complex & administration buildings)
  • Shahid Firouzi Power Plant, Tavanir Educational & sport complex
  • Fars Power Plant
  • Montazer-e-Ghaem Power Plant
  • Khoi Power Plant
  • Ahwaz/ Ramin Power Plant
  • Kish Island Residential complex
  • Design of Steel Structures, HVAC System, Fire Fighting System in different projects.

Following projects are in progress:

  • Jask 204 Units residential apartments
  • Konarak 64 patients rooms hospital

Designing & Engineering Projects
Design Department of Speedes Design and Construction Company has been involved in various projects. The department is equipped with the necessary engineering software in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical fields.

  1. Design of rain water and sewage oily drainage system (EPC).
  2. Design of water treatment plant (EPC).
  3. Design of oily water separators (EPC).
  4. Design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems (EPC).
  5. Design of steel and concrete structures in different power plants (EPC).
  6. Design of steel structures for numerous power plants and propose techniques to improve quality, manufacturing and erection works.

Design Department with its own engineers or outsource team of experts has the capacity for following fields:

  1. Design of structures and foundations for equipments.
  2. Design of underground drainage systems.
  3. Design of roads and landscaping.
  4. Design of rain water, clean water and industrial sewage systems.
  5. Design of oily and chemical drainage waters.
  6. Design of fire fighting systems needed in power plants.
  7. Design of fire detection systems.
  8. Design of lighting systems of buildings and environments.
  9. Design of primary and secondary earthing system of power plants.
  10. Design of forwarding and unloading systems of fuel gas and gasoline in power plant.
  11. Coordination of general engineering of power plants with outsources experts.
  12. Design of fuel and water tanks needed in power plant.
  13. Design of foundations and structures of high voltage substations, gantries and transmission line towers.

HVAC Design:

Main Office, Technical Department:

Cooling Tower:

Power plant Civil Layout:

Main Office, Technical Department:

Speeds heavy steel structures Company was founded in 2002. This company manufactures all Types of heavy and light steel structures. It is also responsible to meet all manufacturing needs of Speeds industrial and constructional group. Plan of the company with area around 50,000 square Meters is located in Kaveh Industrial city.
In the second phase the capacity of the factory was increased to 12000 tons per year and the production lines were increased to 12 in 6 workshops. The factory is well equipped with all kinds of necessary machineries, to meet the requirements and manufacturing needs for steel structures of turbine halls, cooling towers, chimneys and boilers of power plants as well as other types of steel structures for dams, bridges, storages, industrial buildings, telecommunications and power Transmission line towers, high voltage gantries, bolted steel structures for administration and high rise residential buildings. Design department of the company in Tehran head office with experienced Engineering team and latest version of softwares, is responsible for design works and preparation of shop drawings. Structures are modeled three dimensionally with X- Steel, and connections are Detailed precisely.

In the recent years the company has accomplished its contracts in the following projects:

Project Client Weight
Mellat Bank Tabriz Branch Tehran Civil 1900 Tons
Arak Province Central Hall Tehran Civil 1000 Tons
Mellat Bank Asef Branch - 12 Floors Tehran Civil 500 Tons
Abadan Power Plant auxiliary buildings Nasb Niroo 800 Tons
Gonaveh Power Plant Mapna Delepment 3 2000 Tons
Iraq Debis Power Plant Paymanir 1400 Tons
Asaluye Phase 14 Pipe Racks NirPars 2800 Tons
Asaluye Phase 13 Pipe Racks NirPars 4500 Tons
GIS Buiklding of Damavand Pars Petrochemical's PowerPlant (Asaluye) Nasb Niroo 1400 Tons
CWPH Building of Hamedan Power Plant BehinSaman & Tose Silooha 120 Tons
Post Structure of Fars Power Plant ChamGostar 100 Tons
Tabriz Palaz Moquette Factory Palaz Moquette 250 Tons
Cooling Tower of Hamedan Steam Power Plant BehinSaman & Tose Silooha 1900 Tons
ACC System of Isfahan Power Plant Mapna 1800 Tons
Fars Gas Power Plant Mapna 3000 Tons
AUX Building of Kermanshah Gas Power Plant Boland Paye 500 Tons
Ardebil Gas Power Plant Mapna 950 Tons
ET Entrance Building Norahan Industries 150 Tons
GIS Building and Parking of South Pars Power Plant Tavan & Tose Silooha 1200 Tons
Turbine Hall of Damavand Power Plant (Asaluye) Nasb Niroo 1000 Tons
Khorram Abad Power Plant Farab 1500 Tons
Oman Refinery Pipe Racks Hirbodan 600 Tons
Post Structure of Chabahar Power Plant Sanat Arman 450 Tons
Ilam Petrochemicals Norahan Industries 500 Tons
Khoram Shahr Power Plant Nasb Niroo 2950 Tons
Steel Structure for 9 Schools Renovation and Development of schools Organization 2200 Tons
Oman Mina alfahl refinery Hirbodan 700 Tons
Fajr 2 Mashahr power plant Speedes 1800 Tons
Besat Asaluye power plant Tavan Touse-e 3800 Tons
Shirvan power plant Speedes 3200 Tons
Asaluye phase 15 &16 Mim-Tim 350 Tons
Eilam Petrochemical Company Nowrahan Sanaye 280 Tons
Khoram Shar Power Plant Mapna 3000 Tons
Khoram abad power plant Speedes 800 Tons
Kermanshah power plant Boland-Paye 380 Tons
Gas and steam Pars power plant (Asaluye) Nasb Niroo 1000 Tons
Ardebil power plant Mapna 1070 Tons
Rudeshur power plant European Energy Systems 2800 Tons
Shahid Abbaspour Dam-Bus ducts Speedes- Energy Kar 600 Tons
Masjed Soleiman Dam- Bus ducts Speedes- Energy Kar 150 Tons
Asaluyeh Petrochemical residential apartments     Atin Saze 2000 Tons
Laboratories for Machinery tools Itrak 210 Tons
Steel Structures for 26 schools  Renovation & Development of Schools Organization   2000 Tons
Extension of South Esfahan power plant Nasb Niroo 600 Tons
Arvand Petrochemical Company (Mahshar) Nowrahan Sanaye 600 Tons
Abadan power plant Speedes 1200 Tons
Chabahar Power plant, GIS HV Substation Nasb Niroo 400 Tons
Jahrom Gas power plant Nasb Niroo-Tanavob 2500 Tons
Yazd power plant Speedes 550 Tons
South Esfahan power plant Nasb Niroo 2000 Tons
Misilanious steel structures in Sahand power plant, Chabahar marine base,
Shahid Firouzi Power Plant, etc for Speedes

5000 Tons

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