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Fars Power Plant


Mobilization and Renovation of Schools-Bolted Steel Structures


Sahand Power PLant


Shahid Abbaspour Dam (Karoon -1)


Montazer Ghaem Power Plant


Iran Khodro Heavy Press Complex (IPCO)


Khoram Shahr Power Plant


Emam Harbor Filtering and Pump house Steel Structures


Chabahar Residential Comlex


Arvand Petrochemical Complex


Shahid Firouzi Power Plant


South Esfehan Power Plant


South Pars Central Power Plant (Besat)


Iran Khodro Part Test Lab and Central Mechanical Room


Konarak Hospital


Oman Refinery Power Plant


Asalooye Residential complex (Atin)


Jahrom Power Plant


Yazd Power Plant


Masjed Soleyman Dam (Godarbandar)


Mahestan Residential Towers


Khoi Power Plant


Jask 204 Units Residential Apartments


Mahabad Petrochemical Construction


Jahrom Combined Cycle Power Plant (3 X 150 MW )


Mahshahr Power Plant


Rudeshur Power Plant


Shirvan Power Plant


Abadan Power Plant


Tehran Metro Mirdamad Station





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